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East West Buffet's philosophy has always been to use the freshest ingredients to create simple and delicious food. Buffets are a favourite of Australians who enjoy the possibility of seeing food and trying a little bit of everything. But East West Buffet is not like so many others that compromise quality for diners who love unlimited choice and quantity. We offer the very best in Mediterranean, Asian, Japanese and fantastic seafood

The quality of the ingredients, the charm of the presentation, and the informed expertise of the service make East West Buffet a magnet for locals.  From the moment you walk through the doors and see the buffet Station decorated with delicious seafood, appetizers and salads, you know you are in for a treat. You can enjoy our authentic antipasto section on the deluxe seafood extravaganza nights (Friday and Saturday).

We have specialised sushi chefs prepare fresh sushi and sashimi right in front of your eyes. A Japanese sushi train with many fresh plates draws in diners with gentle aromas of grilled eel, miso soup and tempura.
The sushi is seriously high quality, the salmon and prawns firm and fresh.




The Chefs clearly enjoy their work

The spirit of inventive, creative play on display is a delight.  The small glasses and dishes of individual servings are arranged for you to gather up onto your plate and create your own bit of artistry before sitting down to give your mouth its turn.  After the appetizers, you present yourself to the hot buffet for your main course and side dishes.  The choices are simple and beautifully done.  The large cooking dishes are brought out and if you choose the roast, it is carved for you at the buffet.  

Warning:  If you are someone who just has to eat a bit of everything, this buffet will put you into a food coma before you get to the desserts. And you must leave room for dessert. Try our mouth-watering home-made desserts or dip into the chocolate fountain.


The dessert choices are endless.

The desserts are wonderful.  The creams and the cakes are flavourful, with exquisite textures. The cakes are moist and the cream as light as air.


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